Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Power Rankings - All Star Snub Edition

Louisville Nightmare
Last: 1  Current: 1

Sam Henry's .855 OPS at 3B would normally make him an All-Star.

Wichita Rocks
Last: 4  Current: 2

With pitching the name of the game in Wichita, I'm sure Aurelio Romero felt left out.
Albuquerque Atomic Ratz
Last: 2  Current: 3

Hard to believe Wladimir Ontiveros has only made one All-Star team.  I bet he thought this would be his second.

Honolulu Jackwagons
Last: 3  Current: 4

Slightly off last year's pace,  but Rudy Howell not making it means it's a tough year for catchers.

Iowa Johnsons
Last: 6  Current: 5

A double-rarity; not only does perennial Clarence Coleman not make it, but the entire Iowa staff gets shut out.

Monterrey Minute Men
Last: 5  Current: 6

I bet Laynce Elder was banking on joining his five Minute Men brothers.

Richmond Confederates
Last: 8  Current: 7

There will be plenty of future All-Star appearances for Dude Blake.  This season was a near-miss.
Santa Fe Brooks
Last: 12  Current: 8

The squeeze at 1B in the AL kept Skip Walton from making his 4th All-Star team.

Scranton Rail Raiders
Last: 11  Current: 9

The hitters get all the glory in Scranton, but Damaso Calvo would have felt right at home at the midsummer classic.

Los Angeles Colemans
Last: 15  Current: 10

Kris Roenicke is finally having the season he's capable of, but not quite enough to earn an All-Star nod.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Last: 10  Current: 11

Julio Cairo is having his best season since his All-Star season 32, but came up short.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Last: 9  Current: 12

Former ROY Karim Izquieredo should be making his second appearance, but has been a victim of run support.
Trenton Thunder
Last: 7  Current: 13

If  Horacio DeLeon hadn't split the season between two teams, his 90 RBI surely would have landed him a spot on the All-Star squad.
Fargo Marlboro Men
Last: 17  Current: 14

You know 2B is stacked when Oswaldo Flores's .833 OPS can't make the cut.

Milwaukee Boomers
Last: 16  Current: 15

I understand Esmil Izquierdo being a victim of the numbers game, but Juan Bennett's absence is a real head scratcher.
Philadelphia Phoenix
Last: 18  Current: 16

   If  Kenley Skinner's record was maybe just a game better, he assuredly would have been an All-Star.

Augusta Polar Bears
Last: 14  Current: 17

If Anthony Blackley had pitched a few more innings, he would have gotten a spot.
Chicago Blagos
Last: 20  Current: 18

John Suzuki is certainly not used to sitting home during the break.

Durham Bulls
Last: 13  Current: 19

I'm sure the Bulls were packing Nicky Oquist's bags for the trip.
Colorado Bigfoot
Last: 19  Current: 20

Tough to have Hal Ladendorf  sitting at home with his 37 HR's and 89 RBI.

Burlington Bookworms
Last: 21  Current: 21

If he had received some decent run support, Valerio Santiago and his 1.03 WHIP would be making the trip.

Hippopotamus Dance Party
Last: 22 Current: 22

Kevin Hatteberg a victim of the 1B squeeze.
Syracuse Barking Spiders
Last: 23  Current: 23

 Asdrubal Contreras is certainly a future All-Star, many times over.

San Antonio Wildcats
Last: 25  Current: 24

Albert Walsh looked like he was on track to make it, but fell just a bit short.
Kansas City Blues
Last: 28  Current: 25

Pedro "Prince" Ontiveros has All-Star qualifications, but it's hard to argue against the guys who made it in RF.

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Last: 29  Current: 26

Anibel Olivares was hoping to make his fifth All-Star team, but he tailed off after a hot start.

San Francisco Lockdown
Last: 30  Current: 27

It would have been nice to see veteran journeyman Guillermo Rodriguez make his first All-Star team for the job he's done this season.

Tacoma Tornadoes
Last: 24  Current: 28

Too bad the Tornadoes couldn't score more runs for Bill Scheppers, or else he'd be an All-Star.

Detroit Chippewas
Last: 27  Current: 29

Same story for Delanor Melville.

Washington DC Senators
Last: 26  Current: 30

Ditto for Birdie Henley, who could have added the fifth berth to his resume.
Charlotte Charlatans
Last: 31  Current: 31

Anibel Espada has quietly put together a few very good seasons, including an All-Star worthy campaign so far this season.
Arizona Wild Kittys
Last: 32  Current: 32

Gloveman Albert Buckley had a 22 game hitting streak earlier this season, and is having an overall All-Star caliber year.

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