Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Power Rankings

Louisville Nightmare
Last: 5  Current: 1

David Sisk and the entire pitching staff  are clicking on all cylinders.

Albuquerque Atomic Ratz
Last: 8  Current: 2

Gerald Hull is back to Hall of Fame form, puts franchise back to elite status.

Honolulu Jackwagons
Last: 7  Current: 3

Cy Henry and Enrique Concepcion forcing separation from Anaheim.

Wichita Rocks
Last: 2  Current: 4

Alex Harris trying to better last season's 18-3 mark, but how long can Jorge Macias keep his job as closer?

Monterrey Minute Men
Last: 1  Current: 5

Louie Li trying his best to win a 3rd ring, and Stefen Redondo blah, blah, blah.

Iowa Johnsons
Last: 14  Current: 6

Gerald Sparks having an MVP type season.  Five dudes with double-digit homers (and a 6th with 9.)

Trenton Thunder
Last: 9  Current: 7

Breakout season from Ron Westmoreland and the addition of Horacio DeLeon have ignited the Thunder.

Richmond Confederates
Last: 13  Current: 8

Dude "I Hate the Eagles" Blake coming into his own;  rookie Manny Iwazaki makes Richmond shrug off the departures of Pasqual Rodriguez and Harry Arias.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Last: 12  Current: 9

Wasn't expecting the offensive output from  Delino Osuna.  The addition of Mike Christians should keep the run production moving in the right direction.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Last: 6  Current: 10

Anthony Aven making a bid for his 3rd Cy Young.  Offense has dipped since Horacio DeLeon  was dealt.
Scranton Rail Raiders
Last: 4  Current: 11

Potential to have six 100 RBI guys this season, led by Alex Scott and Kiki Torres.
Santa Fe Brooks
Last: 3  Current: 12

Samuel Merrick poised to go 4 for 4 in All-Star appearances.

Durham Bulls
Last: 25  Current: 13

Just keep on winning despite a negative run differential.  Bullpen led by Alan RichardsonUgueth Torres and Cecil Clark probably has a lot to do with it.

Augusta Polar Bears
Last: 16  Current: 14

Anthony Blackley 11 for 11 in save opportunities.

Los Angeles Colemans
Last: 15  Current: 15

Daniel Mulder gives the offense (and title hopes) a legitimate boost.
Milwaukee Boomers
Last: 10  Current: 16

Esmil Izquierdo, on pace for another 40-something homer season, and Juan Bennet leading the Boomers to the top of the division.

Fargo Marlboro Men
Last: 11  Current: 17

Denny Jung having another incredible season.  Pitching needs to get back on track to contend.

Philadelphia Phoenix
Last: 18  Current: 18

Robbie Davis rewarding the Phoenix for giving him playing time.   Stu McCurry and Kenley Skinner a solid 1-2 punch.

Colorado Bigfoot
Last: 19  Current: 19

Hal Ladendorf the perfect player for Coors.  Four man rotation tough going, though.

Chicago Blagos
Last: 23  Current: 20
Nick Jacquez on pace for one of his best all-time seasons, keeping them in the hunt.

Burlington Bookworms
Last: 27  Current: 21

Riding on the back of red hot Carlton Hines.

Hippopotamus Dance Party
Last: 24 Current: 22

Former MVP Octavio Macias looking to add to his trophy case.

Syracuse Barking Spiders
Last: 22  Current: 23

Harry Duran having a nice little season, making hurlers pay for pitching around Asdrubal Contreras and  Joe Cooper.
Tacoma Tornadoes
Last: 20  Current: 24

Billy Ray Norton and Bill Scheppers keeping them in the thick of things while Benny Molina tries to shake off his slump.

San Antonio Wildcats
Last: 21  Current: 25

Wonder how Miguel Bennet feels about the restructuring?

Washington DC Senators
Last: 26  Current: 26

If Oleg D'Amico can break out of his funk, they may have a run in them.

Detroit Chippewas
Last: 30  Current: 27

Cup of coffee has turned into a Box o' Joe for Will "The Thrill" Clark.  What to do with the dominant Delanor Melville?  Could get a King's Ransom, but maybe better to build around.

Kansas City Blues
Last: 28  Current: 28

Dingo Robinson quietly putting together another quality season.  Future star in the making.

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Last: 17  Current: 29

Recent L11 has buried the Dons and put them in restructure mode.

San Francisco Lockdown
Last: 31  Current: 30

Steve Snow getting hot.

Charlotte Charlatans
Last: 29  Current: 31

Luis Jacquez  having a very nice season.  Pitching is making the short term outlook precarious.

Arizona Wild Kittys
Last: 32  Current: 32

Jesus Trenidad producing while finally given a chance.  Pitching woes haven't been addressed.

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