Sunday, September 13, 2015

Power Rankings - Playoff Push Edition (18 games remaining)

Wichita Rocks
Last: 2  Current: 1

Needs to go 11-7 to clinch the division title.  Needs to win only four more  to clinch a bye.

Louisville Nightmare
Last: 1  Current: 2

Needs to win 7 to clinch the division, only 5 to clinch one of the byes.

Honolulu Jackwagons
Last: 4  Current: 3

Currently clings to a two game lead for the division.  Has a 4-3 season series advantage over Anaheim.  Final series of the season between the two clubs looms large.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Last: 11  Current: 4

Trails Honolulu by two games.  Has a disadvantage in the head to head tiebreaker, with a big final series yet to play against the 'wagons.  Loser still has a good chance to earn the wildcard, by a first round bye may be at stake.

Richmond Confederates
Last: 7  Current: 5

Holds a 5-2 season series record against Iowa and a six game lead in the second tiebreaker (record within the division) over Iowa, giving them the upper hand in the case of a tie.  This is huge, as the division winner will most likely earn one of the byes.

Iowa Johnsons
Last: 5  Current: 6

It's been a back-and-forth battle with rival Richmond all season.., as only a half game separates the two teams at the time of this writing.  They should hope to win the division outright as they trail Richmond in the first two tiebreakers.  Has a 4.5 game lead for one of the wildcard spots as a fall back.
Monterrey Minute Men
Last: 6  Current: 7

Seems unlikely that they can catch Wichita for the division, but they have a two game lead for a wildcard spot over Colorado, and a four game lead over Sante Fe (with a series between the two remaining,)    They have lost the season series to Colorado, and trail in the season series against Sante Fe (3-4.)

Albuquerque Atomic Ratz
Last: 3  Current: 8

Currently tied with LA for the division lead.  Has lost four out the seven meetings so far against their division rival, with a huge series coming up on 9/14.  Winning the division could be crucial, as there are a handful of teams in the mix for the wildcard.

Los Angeles Colemans

Last: 10  Current: 9

Leads in the first tiebreaker advantage over rival Albuquerque and needs to win 2 out of three to clinch the tiebreaker.    Both teams head into their series with identical 13-8 division records, so the series winner gains an advantage with the second tiebreaker too.  Has a slightly easier schedule than the Ratz.

Milwaukee Boomers
Last: 15  Current: 10

Has a one game lead over division rival Fargo with a big three game set coming up on 9/14.  Fargo has a 4-3 lead head to head.  Milwaukee also trails Fargo by three games in the division record race.   A sweep of Fargo could be the boost they need.

Santa Fe Brooks
Last: 8  Current: 11

The division is out of the question, but is within 4 games of a wildcard berth.  They would need to leapfrog Colorado as well as Monterrey, so it will be an uphill battle.  If they have a solid run in them, they could make the final series against the Minutemen meaningful.  

Fargo Marlboro Men
Last: 14  Current: 12

Trails Milwaukee by a game for the division with the big series coming up.  Fargo has the tougher remaining schedule  (Albuquerque and Tacoma as their non-common opponents;  Milwaukee has San Francisco and Tampa.)  Division is crucial, as the wildcard may not be a fall back option.

Colorado Bigfoot
Last: 20  Current: 13

Trails Honolulu by seven for the division, but trails Monterrey by only two-and-a-half for a wildcard.  Solid effort down the stretch has put them within striking distance.  
They would win a tiebreaker against the Minutemen.
Philadelphia Phoenix
Last: 16  Current: 14

Some great ball down the stretch has risen the Phoenix from the ashes...they are within two games of a wildcard berth.  They are definitely in the mix, but they only have a head-to-head advantage  over Milwaukee of the teams that are crammed into the picture.  

Scranton Rail Raiders
Last: 9  Current: 15

Magic Number to clinch the division is 13 (wins combined with Augusta losses.)  Will most likely make the tournament., but odds are slim of  gaining a bye.

Hippopotamus Dance Party
Last: 22 Current: 16

Another team that has stormed into the playoff picture after flying under the radar for most of the season.  The "Party" is virtually tied with Trenton for the division lead with a huge series against their rivals starting on 9/14.    Trenton has the edge in the season series so far (5-2), and are three games ahead of Hartford in the second tiebreaker (division record.)    So Hartford needs to come out strong and take matters into their own hands.

Trenton Thunder
Last: 13  Current: 17

Huge series against Hartford coming up.  There most likely will not be a wildcard berth to fall back on, so the second place finisher is going home.  Trenton needs to win just one in the series to clinch first tiebreaker.  They'll be looking to keep their twelve consecutive playoff appearances alive.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Last: 12  Current: 18

A recent hot streak has put Pittsburgh right back into the thick of things.    They have a series against  Philly that they can use to leapfrog one team, but will need to rely on other teams to play spoiler for them to get past the cluster of hopefuls.    They have a mixed bag of a remaining schedule; a couple soft opponents, and a couple of powerhouses.  

Augusta Polar Bears
Last: 17  Current: 19

Only five back in the loss column for the division lead.  If they can close the gap, the final series of the season against Scranton could be for a ticket in.

Chicago Blagos
Last: 18  Current: 20

Durham Bulls
Last: 19  Current: 21

Tacoma Tornadoes
Last: 28  Current: 22

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Last: 26  Current: 23

Burlington Bookworms
Last: 21  Current: 24

San Antonio Wildcats
Last: 24  Current: 25

Syracuse Barking Spiders
Last: 23  Current: 26

Kansas City Blues
Last: 25  Current: 27

San Francisco Lockdown
Last: 27  Current: 28

Washington DC Senators
Last: 30  Current: 29

Detroit Chippewas
Last: 29  Current: 30

Charlotte Charlatans
Last: 31  Current: 31

Arizona Wild Kittys
Last: 32  Current: 32

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