Sunday, August 7, 2016

Season 38 Quarter Season Power Rankings

Las Vegas  Bookies
Current: 1  Last:  30

AL's  best run prevention (by a long shot.)  Four starters with WHIPs of 1.26 or lower, led by Ken Dreses's 0.96.

Richmond Confederates
Current: 2  Last: 9

NL's highest scoring offense, even with Troy Perez serving a DL stint.

Cincinnati Dawgs
Current: 3  Last: 12

NL's top home run hitting team has four players with 9 or more, led by Julio Molina's 11.

Santa Fe Brooks
Current: 4  Last: 8

High powered offense is still chugging along, but it's rare to the Brooks in the top half of the league in pitching.  Added depth to the staff, with the likes of Ivan Guzman, have kept them at the top of the division.

Honolulu Jackwagons
 Current: 5  Last: 1

Offense has been sluggish so far, but Keone Randolph is having a nice follow up to his rookie season.

Iowa City Johnsons
  Current: 6  Last: 5

Diego Alvarez has rebounded from last season's disaster, and rookie Bill Fisher has absolutely burst onto the scene.

Colorado Surf Riders III
Current: 7  Last: 17

Insane .938 team OPS (next highest is .812.)  Six players above that mark, led by Andy Lincoln's 1.093.

Washington D.C. Senators
Current: 8  Last: 13

Rob Canseco looking to become just the second player in World history to hit .400, and could challenge Omar Castillo's .419 back in season 6.

Philadelphia Phoenix
Current: 9  Last: 18

Ace Kenley Skinner on track for a Cy Young caliber season;  slugger Darrell Campbell on track for his best season too.

Los Angeles Colemans
Current: 10  Last: 4

A fourth consecutive Cy Young for Harry Arias seems pretty likely.

Montreal Stars
Current: 11  Last: 7

Holding their own so far (11-9) since the devastating injury to Roberto Hernandez (formally known as Fausto Carmona.)

Fargo Marlboro Men
Current: 12  Last: 16

Neil Reed bouncing back nicely from his elbow surgery.  Currently second in team ERA.

Detroit Chippewas
 Current: 13  Last: 10

Kevin Hatteberg has been everything they hoped he'd be; just waiting for the pitching to come around (rookie Aramis Javier should help.)

Wichita Rocks
 Current: 14  Last: 2

Alexi Arenado on pace for a monster season.  Brent Davis needs to figure it

Texas Wildcats
Current: 15  Last: 19

Goose King on pace for 140 runs.  Anthony Clark taking on the staff ace role.

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Current: 16  Last: 20

Denny Jung having a nice all around season, keeping them in the mix.

Scranton Rail Riders
Current: 17  Last: 15

Both Max Thompson and 26 year old rookie Donaldo Correa tearing it up.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Current: 18  Last: 14

NTS (Not too Shabby) for a team supposedly in rebuild mode.  Getting strong performances from role player types, like journeyman hurler Larry Dean and closer Brett Johnson. 

Burlington Bookworms
Current: 19  Last: 3

"Jackson and Melville and pray for a Sharknado."   Doug Wall following up his Silver Slugging rookie season quite nicely for the champs.

Toledo Mud Hens
Current: 20  Last: 25

Too bad Alex Gonzalez can't play more often, the boy would be a beast.  Offense led attack is keeping them on top of the division.

Jacksonville Minutemen
Current: 21  Last: 26

15 homers so far for Midre Salas.  Team just two games out of the division lead.

Charlotte Charlatans
Current: 22  Last: 6

Too many guys like Dave Haren in deep slumps. Even if some of them can bust out, look out.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Current: 23  Last: 23

Cord Hennessey and Nicky Oquist having remarkably similar seasons.     The team is hoping former Moreno Edward Jefferies win a future Player of the Week so they can throw a Cotillian.  

Trenton Thunder
Current: 24  Last: 31

Three starters with WHIPs of 1.21 or lower, led by the irrepressible Billy Ray Norton.

Durham Bulls
Current: 25  Last: 21

All hit and no pitch makes Johnny a dull, dull boy.  All hit and no pitch makes Johnny a dull, dull boy.  All hit and no pitch makes Johnny a dull, dull boy.  All hit and no pitch makes Johnny a dull, dull boy. All hit and no pitch makes Johnny a dull, dull boy.  (Except for James Barker.) 

Tacoma Tornadoes
Current: 26  Last: 11

Once Luis Peron and Jolbert Saenz get on track they should be aiight.

Syracuse Barking Spiders
Current: 27  Last: 24

Lon Giles poised to break out in a big way.   Don Hasegawa the closer from Hell.
San Jose
San Jose Sea Slugs

Current: 28  Last: 28

Much needed make-over is in full effect.  Tomas Rivera upping his trade value with a strong season.  And don't go into OT with the boys from San Jose (5-1 in extra's.)

New York Blues
Current: 29  Last: 22

League's worst defense is not doing the strong arms on the staff any favors.  Hipolito Cordero having a nice season despite the D behind him.

New York
New York Bombers
Current: 30  Last:  29

The Jimmy Elarton-led offense isn't bad, and the 'pen is actually very good.  It's the starters that are letting the games get away.

San Francisco Lockdown
Current: 31  Last: 32

Still racking up the steals, but leading to fewer runs.

Chicago Blagos
Current: 32   Last: 27

At least they have deep dish pizza.

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