Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Season 37 Quarter Season Power Rankings

Honolulu Jackwagons
 Current: 1  Last: 1

Already 10 games up in the division.

Iowa City Johnsons
  Current: 2  Last: 4

Deeper pitching staff nudging them upward.

Los Angeles Colemans
  Current: 3  Last: 2

Able to stay elite while building for the future as well...Raphael Jiminez.

Wichita Rocks
 Current: 4  Last: 3

Pitching his team to a title could mean a big pay day for Brent Davis.

Detroit Chippewas
 Current: 5  Last: 22

Vet journeyman Yamil Estrada is leading a young, talented group to a big time turnaround.

Scranton Rail Riders
Current: 6  Last: 7

Renyel Alvarez takes a huge step forward in leading the early surge.

Charlotte Charlatans

Current: 7  Last: 17

Julius Ramirez leading the league in hitting for the well-balanced Charlatans.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Current: 8  Last: 12

Mike Christians at the plate, and Orlando Costilla on the mound are on incredible tears.

Burlington Bookworms
Current: 9  Last: 18

Vic Montero (why can't my Dons get players like this?) on fire for an offense scoring above league average in the bat graveyard...just sayin'.

Washington D.C. Senators
Current: 10  Last: 9

Pascual James has helped vault the pitching staff into the elite level.

Syracuse Barking Spiders
Current: 11  Last:  27

Speed team manufactures runs and catches everything in sight.  Who needs Joe Cooper?

Texas Wildcats
Current: 12  Last:  32

Reacquiring Geoff Cunningham and signing Sherman Curtis paying big dividends.

St. Louis Sabotage
Current: 13  Last:  8

Solid starting pitching and a deep bullpen makes them tough in close games.

Richmond Confederates
Current: 14  Last: 15

It's either an extra base hit or a walk for Troy Perez.

Santa Fe Brooks
Current: 15  Last: 11

In the Brooks tradition, pitchers Sammy Castillo (10,) and Rich Wright (7) racking up wins.

Colorado Surf Riders III
Current: 16  Last: 13

Quilvio Tavarez helping to nail down the close ones.

Montreal Stars
Current: 17  Last: 16

Leading the World in runs and in doubles by a ridiculous margin; Elmer Fasano on pace for 62 two-baggers.

Cincinnati Dawgs
Current: 18  Last: 21

Solid 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation in C.J. Huckaby and Elrod Lankford.

Philadelphia Phoenix

Current: 19  Last: 19

SS Al Fernandez on pace for 64 HR and 145 RBI.

Jacksonville Minutemen
Current: 20  Last: 6

Champs seemed to have hit the reset button.

New York Blues
Current: 21  Last: 25

Pretty solid performers throughout the roster; may need just a few more pieces to put it all together.

Tacoma Tornadoes
Current: 22  Last: 20

The loss of Benny Molina hurts big time, but he should be back for a stretch run if they're still in it.

Durham Bulls
Current: 23  Last: 23

Need Perry Gonzalez to come around in order to make a run.

San Francisco Lockdown
Current: 24  Last: 26

Leading the World with 105 steals, led by Taijuan Hughes's 29.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Current: 25  Last: 14

Anthony Aven and Ossie Diaz need to start pitching like the co-aces they should be.

Fargo Marlboro Men
Current: 26  Last: 5

Better hope bullpen can turn things around.

New York
New York Bombers
Current: 27  Last:  28

Hector Marmol leading a woeful offense.

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Current: 28  Last: 24

6-20 record at home has fans jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Trenton Thunder
Current: 29  Last: 31

Has the recently released Thunder legend Nick Jacquez played his final game?

Toledo Mudhens
Current: 30  Last: 10

New ownership taking a long look-see.

Las Vegas  Bookies
Current: 31  Last:  29

Blind squirrels starting to find a few nuts, led by chief nut-grabber, David Sisk.

Chicago Blagos
Current: 32  Last: 30

The Chicago Blow-gos.

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