Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Season 37 Top Free Agent Signings

1. Sherman Curtis – Texas Wildcats - asking $44.3M/5, signed for $107M/5, 2B, age 32, 11 ML seasons.   All-time great run producing 2B is a 7 time All-star and 6 time Silver Slugger. Career .403 OBP, averages 53 SB's and a whopping 132 runs per season. Can hit anywhere near the top of the line up, as he also averages 20 HR and 83 RBI.

2. David Sisk – Las Vegas Bookies - asking $17.5M/3, signed for $69.2M/4, 2B, age 35, 14 ML seasons. Two time MVP, 7 time All-star will go down as one of the World's best second basemen. With his 677 career bombs, he should surpass Emmanuel Aquino (716) and Afredo Sosa (718) to end up 4th on the all-time HR list by next season.

3. Denny Jung - Tampa Bay Don Cesars - asking $35.6M/4, signed for $55.1M/5,, 3B, age 31, 9 ML seasons.  Three time Silver Slugger and a former Gold Glove winner at 3B. Although his power numbers have dwindled the past two seasons, he is still a legit 5 tool player, averaging 30 HR, 106 RBI and 17 SB in his career.

4. Gary PressleyScranton Rail Riders - asking $12M/2, signed for $32M/3, SP, age 37, 14 ML seasons. 188 career wins with a 1.22 WHIP and 3.48 ERA. 9 seasons with at least 13 wins, including season 26 when he went 19-9. Three time All-star.

5. Anibal Olivares -Fargo Marlboro Men - asking $15M/3 , signed for $27.1M/3, 1B/COF age 35, 14 ML seasons – 5 time All-star, 3 time Silver Slugger, former ROY. A finalist in last season's MVP voting when he batted .316 with 30 HR and 112 RBI. Hit his 400th career HR, and drove in his 1400th run last season ,

6. Sidney Little New York Bombers -  asking $14.5M/2, signed for $14.6M/2, RP, age 36, 12 ML seasons. Getting better with age, as he is coming off two of his best seasons, with a combined 72 saves,  a WHIP around 1.00, and an ERA under 3.00. Has averaged a little over 80 innings pitched per season, but is capable of notching 100+.

7. Manny Stuart – Durham Bulls - asking $23.2M/4, signed for $79M/5, RP, age 29, 6 ML seasons. With the derth of starting pitching in this year's free agent crop, Stuart was arguably the top arm on the market. He averaged 103 innings out of the pen with an outstanding 1.10 WHIP and 2.99 ERA.

8. Wayne RupeColorado Surf Riders III -  asking $26.5/4M, signed for $10M/3, 3B, age 31, 9 ML seasons. Rebounded nicely from season 35's utter disaster by having the best season of his career during his walk year. Had a slash line of .300/.366/.541, all career highs. Could be one of those rare position players who excel after age 30.

9. Victor DiazSt, Louis Sabotage -  asking $25M/4, signed for $52M/5, SP, age 36, 14 ML seasons. Durability issues have kept him from becoming the pitcher we saw early in his career. Had a solid five year run in Trenton where he had a WHIP around 1.20, and an ERA of about 3.40 as a swing-man.

10. Pete Hennessey – Anaheim Arte Morenos - asking $8.8M/2, signed for $14.2M/3, C/DH, age 32, 9 ML seasons. Two time All-star has averaged 24 HR and 82 RBI, and has a career .918 OPS, outstanding production for a catcher.

11. J.O. BalboaDurham Bulls - asking $16.2M,/3 signed for $37M/5, RP/SP, age 28, 6 ML seasons. Career 50-29 record with a 1.27 WHIP and a 3.51 ERA, including season 33's gem of a year when he went 14-2 as a starter,

12. Julio MolinaCincinnati Dawgs -  asking $23.6M/4, signed for $23.6M/4. 1B/COF, age 30, 7 ML seasons. Averaged 30+ homers and 100+ RBI for his career. Three time All-star.  Hit .332 with 43 HR and 158 RBI back in season 30.

13. Butch BlakeIowa City Johnsons -  asking $19.2M/4, signed for $56M/5, RP, age 29, 5 ML seasons. His effectiveness is trending in the wrong direction, but his first three seasons were outstanding, posting a WHIP of around 1.10 and an ERA just over 2.20

14. Ivan AquinoLas Vegas Bookies - asking $8.8M/2, signed for $7M/2, SP, age 36, 15 ML seasons. The three time All-star has not aged gracefully, but still has the stuff to compete on any given outing. The highlight of his career was season 32's 21-6 mark with a 2.85 ERA.

15. Lou TorreTexas Wildcats -  asking $7.8M/2, signed for $8.7M/2, 1B/COF, age 34, 10 ML seasons. His value is his ability to get on base and score runs. Was an All-star in season 35 when he hit .326 with a .413 OBP.

16. Gerald Sparks – New York Bombers - asking $5.2M/2, signed for $2.4M/2, C, age 34, 8 ML seasons. Has a rep of not being a good game caller, but the three time All-star, two time Silver Slugger can hit for a backstop, to the tune of a .810 career OPS. Surprisingly, he won the Gold Glove last season due to his throwing out 42% of basestealers (but don't bank on a repeat.)

17. Bo McMillanDetroit Chippewas - asking $31.1M/5, signed for $1.7M/1, COF, age 30, 8 ML seasons. Put up good power numbers over the past two seasons after being a part-timer for his career. Decent stolen base threat adds another dimension to his game.

18. Carlton Bagwell –  Tampa Bay Don Cesars - asking $8.4M/2, signed for $3.8M/2, 1B, age 30, 4 ML seasons, Career part timer broke out last season with 38 HR and 129 RBI, with a .299/.351/.539 slash line,

19. Ricky Gold – Scranton Rail Riders - asking $13M/2, signed for $47.3M/4, RP, age 33, 8 ML seasons. Was never able to replicate the success of his second season when he pitched 138 innings out of the pen with 1.17 WHIP and 2.74 ERA. Has pitched in extreme hitters' parks his entire career but his stuff is undeniable, so he may be one of those late bloomers.

20. Hong Chih NakamuraChicago Blagos - asking $5.4M/1, signed for $24.2M/3, SP, age 36, 13 ML seasons. The career journeyman had the season of his life pitching for his final contract; 18-9 with a 1.23 WHIP and 3.88 ERA, and was a finalist in the Cy Young award voting.

21. Ross RogersChicago Blagos -  asking $28M/4, signed for $15M/2, OF, age 28, 6 ML seasons. His contract year was his best season so far (.303/.373/.500) , is just 28, and should be heading into his prime. Averages 25 HR, 80 RBI and 10 SB's per season.

22. Andrew Turner – New York Bombers -  asking $11.6M/2, signed for $8.4M/2 COF, age 33, 11 ML seasons. Won't provide the power you would like from a corner OF spot, where he would most likely have to play these days, but can get on base, score runs, and play solid D.

23. Hector Vizquel – Fargo Marlboro Men - asking for $33.8M/5, signed for $65.1M/5, SS/Utl, age 27, 5 ML seasons. Hasn't been able to replicate his ROY season 32 as a 3B, but is now in his prime.  May struggle defensively at times, but should be above-average at the plate for a SS.

24. Danny McMichael - Jacksonville Minutemen - asking $31/5, signed for $0.9M/3/4 season, 3B/OF, age 31, 9 ML seasons. Was converted to an outfielder after putting up 2 All-star seasons as a 3B early in his career, Earned another All-star selection as a CF. An excellent defender at either 3B or a corner OF spot at this stage of his career, but will not put up the power numbers necessary for those positions.

25. Nigel DongNew York Blues - asking $10M/2, signed for $15.5M/3, C, age 29, 7 ML seasons. Gives you just enough offense to justify his superior handling of a pitching staff. Only throws out 30% of base stealers for his career, but did show some improvement with last season's 35%.

26. James BarkerDurham Bulls - asking $10.8M/2, signed for $10.8M/2, RP, age 30, 8 ML seasons. Finally seemed to harness the talent over the last three years, including last season's 10-5 mark with 19 saves with a 3.02 ERA.

27. Placido Sierra – Las Vegas Bookies -  asking $8M/2, signed for $1.1M/1, 1B/COF, age 32, 9 ML seasons. Staying healthy has been his biggest obstacle. He was having a career year in his season 35 All-star campaign when he went down. Has a career .369 OBP, and a career .813 OPS.

28. Josh CharlesAnaheim Arte Morenos -  asking $2.8M/1, signed for $2.8M/1, RP, age 39, 16 ML seasons. Three time All-star has a career 1.12 WHIP and 3.03 ERA. 146 career saves.

29. Del Castillo – Tampa Bay Don Cesars - asking $9.2M/2, signed for $5.8M/2, RP, age 36, 13 ML seasons, The workhorse's numbers suffered during his time in an extreme hitters' park, but he had some solid stretches during most of his career, including season 27's tremendous 1.08 WHIP and 3.30 ERA in 147 innings.

30. Benito AlomarTrenton Thunder - asking $4.6M/1, signed for $1.9/1, UTL, age 34, 10 ML seasons. Decreasing range is going to limit his versatility, but he can still serve as an excellent utility player. Career .770 OPS, primarily at 3B.

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