Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Season 36 Top 25 Free Agent Signings

1. Benny Molina - Tacoma Tornadoes - asking $25./M/3, signed for $80M/4, 2B, age 33, 10 ML seasons.   Seven time all-star, 5 time Silver Slugger at 2B. Has averaged 29 HR, 93 RBI, 125 runs scored, and 57 SB's over his 10 seasons. In his season 30 MVP season, he had career highs with 45 HR 146 RBI 238 hits, 196 runs and 89 SB. Will go down as one of the World's all-time greats.

2. Ossie Diaz - Anaheim Arte Morenos  - asking $24M/3, signed for $81M/4, SP, age 35, 12 ML seasons.   Season 33's Cy Young Award winner (21-8, 2.40 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 215 K's), came on the heels of season 32, when he went 19-2 with a 2.34 ERA. Workhorse averages 222 innings per season and owns a career 3.27 ERA. Solid work ethic should keep him pitching at a high caliber throughout the life of the contract.

3. Perry Gonzalez - Durham Bulls - asking $40M/5, signed for $101.5M/5, SP, age 31, 9 ML seasons. Two time All Star averaged 14 wins and 220 innings per season. At 31, should continue his pace and has a shot to reach 200 career wins before the end of the contract. Career 3.53 ERA and 1.27 Whip

4.  A.J. Sheffield - Jacksonville Minutemen - asking $10.4M/2, signed for $26.3M/4, COF/1B age 34, 13 ML seasons. 420 HR and 1257 RBI in his career, the veteran is still going strong, blasting 29 HR and hitting .298 last season. Savy baserunner added a career high 14 steals to his arsenal last season.  

5. John Suzuki - Texas Wildcats - asking $9.6M/2, signed for $10.5M/2, COF, age 36, 13 ML seasons.  The  10 time all-star, 12 time Silver Slugger, 2 time WS champ is a sure-bet Hall of Famer. Has lost some of his HR power, but still smacked 43 doubles last season while posting a .818 OPS. 450 HR's, 1525 RBI and 368 SB's for his career..

6Ignacio Flores -  Scranton Rail Riders- asking $13M/2, signed for $57.4M/3, SP, age 36, 12 ML seasons.   Coming off a rough season 35, but all bets are that he will be back on track for another typical season this year. The veteran has a career 3.42 ERA and 1.25 WHIP, and averages just under 200 innings.

7. Yadier Padilla - St. Louis Sabotage - asking $29M/5, signed for $40.4M/5, RF, age 28, 6 ML seasons. Hitting FA in his prime, the 28 year old professional hitter has a career .290/.363/.447 slash line while playing a solid RF.     

8. Skip Walton - Texas Wildcats - asking $16.8/3, signed for $22.8M/3, 1B, age 34, 12 ML seasons.   You can pretty much pencil him in for 20 HR, 100 RBI, and 25 SB's every season with an OPS in the neighborhood of .850. The 3 time All-Star is pure offensive production.

9. Arismendy Marquez - Charlotte Charlatans - asking $27M/4, signed for $44M/5, CF, age 28, 5 ML seasons. Isn't going to get on base much, but  has some pop in his bat. Averages 22 HR and 18 SB's per season, but his real value is in center, where he averages 8.5 plus plays per 162 games..

10. Bonk Lincoln - Texas Wildcats  - asking $4M/1, signed for $4.1M/1, 1B age 36, 16 ML seasons.  Still raking at 35, as witnessed by his .847 OPS last season.  Had 21 HR and 24 SB as well. The old man still knows how to produce..

11.Hipolito Cordero  -Buffalo Blues  - asking $25m/4, signed for $45.1M/5, RP, age 27, 5 ML seasons.   Rubber-armed sinker baller is prone to inconsistency, but averaged over 100 innings per season. Is capable of repeating 32's all-star campaign, when he posted a 1.14 WHIP and 2.59 ERA..

12. Calvin Curtis -Hartford Hippopotamus Dance Party  - asking $7.6M/2, signed for $2.4M/1, SP/RP, age 36, 13 ML seasons.   Throw out season 33's absurdity, and he's been a solid contributor over the past six seasons. Was an All-Star in 31 when he posted a 2.06 ERA and 1.12 WHIP in 140 innings.

13.Wilt Burks  - Burlington Bookworms - asking $23.6M/4, signed for $39.5/5, CF, age 30, 7 ML seasons. Three time Gold Glove winner in center; has enough offensive skill to justify playing every day in the OF, but would bring above average production at SS.

14. Jeremy Sauveur - Santa Fe Brooks - asking $15M/3, signed for $5.8M/2, RP, age 31, 5 ML seasons.   Season 34 brought him an all-star berth and the Fireman of the Year award. Has averaged 35 saves over the past four seasons, but perhaps his best season was 31 as a set up man, throwing 122 innings out of the pen with a 1.27 WHIP and a 2.80 ERA. 

15. Gerald Strong -Philadelphia Phoenix  - asking $6M/2, signed for $6M/2,  RP, age 36, 12 ML seasons. Eight years with 25+ saves, including 40 out of 42 in his incredible season 33 when his WHIP was 0.90..

16. Reagan Anderson - Jacksonville Minutemen - asking $3.6M/1, signed for $2.8M/1, RP, age 34, 12 ML seasons. Has established himself as one of the league's top set up men over the past 4 seasons.   Has a WHIP under 1.20 while averaging 76 innings over that span.

17Casey Adams- Pittsburgh Appalachians - asking $9.6M/2, signed for $3.2M/2 COF age 34, 12 ML seasons. 4 time All-Star and 5 time Gold Glove winner in CF.  His days of playing an effective center are probably over, but his ability to get on base and his outstanding defense at a corner still makes him a productive player.

18. Esmailyn Pizzaro - Tampa Bay Don Cesars - asking $4M/1, signed for $3.3M/2, SP/RP, age 30, 3 ML seasons. Back to back solid seasons out of the SF pen (1.23 WHIP). Valuable trend of keeping the ball in the yard, only 9 HR allowed in about 150 combined innings past two seasons.   

19. Alex Crespo - Philadelphia Phoenix - asking $15.6M/3, signed for $15.6M/3, COF age 33, 13 ML seasons.  Solid offensive player, Career .283/.363/.461 slash line, 2 all-star appearances, including season 30 when he hit .334 with 35 HR and 128 RBI

20Woody Bryant Philadelphia Phoenix - asking $29.5M/4 , signed for $29.6M/4, INF, age 31, 9 ML seasons. Two time Silver Slugger at short; averages 20 HR and 78 RBI, but is a defensive liability. A move to the hot corner is probably the best bet, and his productivity is still above average for the position. 

21. Steve Snow  - Anaheim Arte Morenos - asking $32.3M/5, signed for $30.7M/5, COF, age 30, 10 ML seasons.   His all or nothing approach makes him wildly inconsistent, but he is capable of a 30+ HR/100 RBI season, as he does have a couple on his resume, including season 33's career year.   Rare combination of raw power and blazing speed.

22. Benji Cortes - Fargo Marlboro Men  - asking $11.6M/2, signed for $19.5/3, SS, age 32, 10 ML seasons.   The gloveman has played all over the diamond in his career, winning a Gold Glove as a CF in 31. Can probably still play SS and give you good production for the position, but would be in the running for another fielding award elsewhere.

23.Ray Griffith  - Tacoma Tornadoes - asking $8.4M/2, signed for $2.8M/2, 1B age 29, 8 ML seasons. Coming off a sub par season, but you pretty much know the steady production you will get; career .283/.362/.452 slash line with little variation year to year,

24. Vic Shipley - Tacoma Tornadoes  - asking $4.6M/1, signed for $1.5M/1, C, age 30, 4 ML seasons. Last season's NL Silver Slugger, with a  .290/.346/.406 slash line. Knocked in 85 runs. Throws out 37% of base stealers for his career.

25. Eric Strickland - Texas Wildcats - asking $11.2M/2, signed for $13.2/2, SP, age 32, 7 ML seasons. Career journeyman coming off back to back productive seasons. 14-10 with a 3.34 ERA and 1.23 WHIP last season. .

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