Monday, November 16, 2015

Season 35 Power Rankings (Through 60 Games)

Honolulu Jackwagons
Current: 1 Last: 7
Looks like Ben Perez has finally cemented his place in the starting rotation.  Perhaps newcomer Daniel Mulder will be the piece that keeps the ship afloat the entire season.

Wichita Rocks
Current: 2  Last: 2
After transitioning from the bullpen last season, Aurelio Romero has become a bona-fide ace.  23 year old Alexi Arenado is definitely one of the front runners for ROY.

Iowa City Johnsons
Current: 3  Last: 6
Sherman Curtis is performing like the super star he is, and William Tolberg is on pace to eclipse his power numbers from last season, while defending his Gold Glove in CF.

Scranton Railraiders
Current: 4  Last: 16
13 starts, 13 W's for Al Gardner, including 4 CG's.  If he and slugger Mike Durrington can keep up their current paces, look out.

Los Angeles Colemans
Current: 5  Last: 9
A balanced offensive attack, outstanding defense, and two studs in Harry Arias and Pablo Figureoa at the top of the rotation, is a recipe for a title.

Tacoma Tornadoes
Current: 6  Last: 22
The pitching has been outstanding, with Louie Frias coming on board to join the rotation.    Career years so far from Jolbert Saenz and another newcomer, Skeeter Tanner, have been the difference.

Richmond Confederates
Current: 7  Last: 1
Tony Rodriguez is raking once again, and playoff hero Dude Blake is on pace to outshine last season's performance. 

St. Louis Cardinals
Current: 8  Last: 12
They're getting an MVP caliber season so far from Cristobal Chavez and Cy Young season from Julio Martin.

Pittsburgh Appalachians
Current: 9  Last: 14
Cam Moustakas should make his first All-Star appearance, and Karim Izquierdo with his 10-1 mark has been lights out.

Louisville Nightmare
Current: 10  Last: 3
Newcomer Placido Sierra is doing a great job setting the table for David Sisk...the offense hasn't missed a beat.

Syracuse Barking Spiders
Current: 11  Last: 25
A franchise with a history of fielding futility now leads the league in team defense.  Having Joe Cooper around to lead the offense has also contributed to the team's remarkable turnaround.

Monterrey Minutemen
Current: 12  Last: 5
Stefan Redondo has only been remarkable instead of other-worldly, and the pitching has under performed to this point.  Andrew Turner has been a nice addition.  Plan on this club being near the top by the time we're done.

Colorado Surf Riders III
Current: 13  Last: 13
Elroy Leonard took advantage of getting a full time job last season by hitting 41 bombs and driving in 106.  He's on pace to better that this season.

Burlington Bookworms
Current: 14  Last: 20
The big guns brought in for the turnaround, Corky Jackson and Delanor Melville, have done their part.  But they are a combined 8-7, as the offense and defense needs some refining.  The two aces have thrust them into the mix in the tightly knit AL.

Philadelphia Phoenix
Current: 15  Last: 11
The starters Kenley Skinner, Stu McCurry, Edgardo Cruz, and Robb Lockwood are elite, but they get  very little run support.  They are in the playoff hunt, but the offense needs to get in gear, and the bullpen needs to protect more leads to vault them into the next tier.

Durham Bulls
Current: 16  Last: 27
Nicky Oquist  is having an MVP type season so far, and is keeping them relevant.  Their normally strong bullpen has been ordinary to this point, but expect them to pick it up.

Tampa Bay Don Cesars
Current: 17  Last: 24
Utility man Ajax Jones is having a surprise offensive season while playing excellent D all around the diamond.   Anibal Olivares is having a solid season too.  They'll need the rest of their offense to step it up if they plan to compete.

Charlotte Charlatans
Current: 18  Last: 31
The pitching and defense are both near the top of the league, which accounts for most of the turnaround.  Anibel Espada,  rookie Gerry Morse,  and Miguel Park have been the impact arms giving them a shot at the post season.

Santa Fe Brooks
Current: 19  Last: 8
Iron man Samuel Merrick should make it 4 for 4 in All-Star appearances, and he hasn't even gotten really hot yet.  When, not if, it happens, the Brooks will be a force.

Chicago Blagos
Current: 20  Last: 23
Offensive production isn't an issue, but the pitching staff needs a remodel.  They do have a couple solid young arms in Jonny Yerkes and Gerardo Lopez to build around.  Being in a weak division, they are a contender for a title this season.

Trenton Thunder
Current: 21  Last: 15
Horacio DeLeon just saw his 21 game hitting streak end, and has been on a tear.  Nick Jacquez, even at 38, and still raking.  But they are second to last in run prevention so far.

San Francisco Lockdown
Current: 22  Last: 28
A well-balaced, speedy offense featuring Taijuan Hughes, has gotten some timely hitting to generate decent run production.  They're getting ace production from Harold Durham, and have a great back of the 'pen to nail down games.  With a little more pitching depth, they could compete.

Hartford Hippopotamus Dance Party
Current: 23  Last: 10
A couple of the key replacements for the off season losses, Yorvit Rodiguez and Horacio Ortiz, haven't produced yet.  Felipe Mercado has, and Kevin Hatteberg just keeps slugging.  If they can get production from the rest, it's not too late for another late season charge.

Anaheim Arte Morenos
Current: 24  Last: 4
It's tough to figure how the pitching just fell off from last season.  Stud Anthony Aven is doing his thing, but the bullpen has been horrible.  They'll need to get the staff squared away to get back into the mix.

Milwaukee Boomers
Current: 25  Last: 17
After starting the season at 12-2, they have fallen on hard times. Jeremy Sauveur has been locking down the games he's been handed.  If they can keep close in a weak division, they get  Robin Walters back for the final two months.

Montreal Stars
Current: 26  Last: 21
Sophomores  Robert Browning and Hideki Sano  are slugging above  their rookie seasons, but the top four starters have ERA's over 5.  

Fargo Marlboro Men
Current: 27  Last: 19
Two stints on the DL for Denny Jung, and an extended stay for ace Fausto Villerreal have caused a substantial set back.  They still have a chance to win a weak division if they have a run in them.

Washington D.C. Senators
Current: 28  Last: 30
The pitching has improved since last season, but besides Johnnie Averill and, Ken Drese, the bullpen lacks depth.  Oleg D'Amico is being asked once again to shoulder an offense that otherwise lacks punch.

Detroit Chippewas
Current: 29  Last: 29
Getting nice contributions from journeyman Paul Barry and part-timer Cliff Carey on the offensive side, and from Wladimir Aceves and Willie Velazquez on the mound.  They'll most likely improve on last season's 63 wins in stage two of the rebuild.

Las Vegas Point Shavers
Current: 30  Last: 32
Veteran catcher DJ Ross seems to have regained his 30 home run stroke from his first two seasons in the league.  They're on pace to improve from last season's horrific 44 win season by about 15 games.  Avoiding 100 losses would be an accomplishment for this rebuilding club.  

San Antonio Wildcats
Current: 31  Last: 18
The San Antonio Sh!t Cats.

Buffalo Blues
Current: 32  Last: 26
Once Wellington Rijo gets on track, we should see some improvement.  

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