Sunday, July 12, 2015

Season 34 Top Free Agent Signings

1. Joe Cooper - Syracuse Barking Spidersasking $30/4 years, signed for $90.5/5 years 2B/OF, age 29. 7 ML seasons. Averages 40 HR 105 RBI and a .901 OPS.  Coming off a huge contract year in which he unloaded for career highs with 50 bombs and 117 RBI.  The former Gold Glove winning 2B and All-Star brings instant credibility to the lowly franchise.

2. Stu McCurry - Philadelphia PhoenixSP, asking $23.25/3 years, signed for $110/5 yearsage 34, 14 ML seasons, The seven time All-Star earns his second consecutive max contract and hopes to lead a rebuilding franchise into serious contention; the type of pitcher who can pitch three times in a short playoff series. The two time 20 game winner truly earned his one World Series ring by locking up game 7 in S31.  207 career wins, 1.29 career whip, 3.75 career ERA. Averages 232 innings/season.

3. Welington Rijo -  Kansas City Bluesasking $21/3 years, signed for $91/ 5 years COF, age 32, 10 ML seasons, the former Rookie of the Year and future Hall of Famer has 450 career HR and  1326 RBI.  He drove in an astounding 162 runs in season 25 with 50 HR.  A five time All-Star and Silver Slugger.  Anchors an already formidable line up in KC.

4. Pasqual Rodriguez - Syracuse Barking SpidersRP/SP, asking $31.25/5 years,signed for $71/5 years, age 28, 6 ML seasons, Syracuse nabs the other under-30 stud on the market and lays the foundation for future success.  The swingman owns a career 1.21 whip and 3.21 ERA, averaging 126 innings/season.  Pitched a high of 168 in 35 starts with a 1.08 WHIP in season 28.

5. Horacio DeLeonAnaheim Arte Morenos 1B/COF,  asking $27.5/4 years,  signed for $34.7/4 years,  age 31, 10 ML seasons, After testing the waters, stays with the franchise where he won his ring and hit his 400th career home run.   1 time Silver Slugger has averaged 40 HR, 111 RBI, and 10 SB   Owns a .831 career OPS,

6. Alex Scott - Scranton Railraiders2B/COF , asking for $18.8/3 years, signed for $25/3 years, age 33, 11 ML seasons, Scranton gets a little of everything; a two time All-Star, Silver Slugger at 3B and a Gold Glove winner at 2B in his career.  Averages 26 HR, 27 SB and 89 RBI and a .813 OPS.

7. Bonk Lincoln - Tampa Bay Don CesarsCOF/1B, asking $20/5 yrs, signed for $5.4/2 years age 34, 14 ML seasons. Averages 19 HR and 30 SB per season,   His .850 OPS last season was his best since he averaged .880 over his four year peak.  One Silver Slugger, one All-Star appearance.

8. Rob Sanders - Chicago Blagosasking $19.5/3 years, signed for $34.5/4 years INF. Age 30, 6 ML seasons. This 5 tool player made the All-Star team and won a Gold Glove on the strength of his tremendous season 32.  He averages .282, BA, .341 OBP, 13 HR and 25 SB, all while playing stellar D.

9. Skip Walton - Santa Fe Brooksasking $14.5/2 years, signed for $10.6/2 years 1B/COF, age 32, 10 MLB seasons. A three time All-Star, and former Silver Slugger combines speed and power in the middle of the line up.  Averages 23 HR, 95 RBI, 27 SB, and a 826 OPS  No signs of slowing down,  last season's slash line  .338/.391/.514 with 33 SB.  Takes hometown discount to stay with Santa Fe for their title run.  

10. Delino OsunaPittsburgh Appalachians 2B/CF, asking for $28.5/4 years, signed for $28.5/4 years, age 31, 6 ML seasons, The 1 time All-Star and Gold Glove winner at 2B has averaged 24 HR 14 SB and 91 RBI over last 4 seasons, and owns a career .791 OPS.  .987 career Fielding % and 5.09 Range Factor at 2B.   Averages 20 plus plays/162 games at 2B.

11. Randy Stoops –  Anaheim Arte Morenos,  INF, asking for $15.6/3, signed for $19.1/ 3 years;  age 33, 10 ML seasons.  This five tool player won a Silver Slugger at 3B and won a ring.  He's averaged  17 HR and 20 SB per season, .  Owns an 802 career OPS while holding down an infield position.

12. Alvin Ford - Richmond ConfederatesCOF/1B. asking $9.2/2 years, signed for $5.0/2 years, age 34, 9 ML seasons, The season 25 Rookie of the Year, two time All-Star, former Silver Slugger has averaged 26 HR, 101 RBI and a .837 OPS in his 9 full ML seasons. 

13. Javier Samuel- Tampa Bay Don Cesars  COF/1B  asking for $16.2/3 years, signed for $16.2/3 years, age 32, 10 ML seasons, The 1 time All-Star has averaged 28 HR and 80 RBI for his career.  .815 career OPS,  10 consecutive years with 20+ HR

14. Neil Moreno - Chicago Blagos SP, asking for $13.5/2 years, signed for $13.5/2 years, age 37, 16 seasons. 3 WS rings. Career 1.24 whip, 3.88 era and 186 wins, despite giving up an average of 31 HR/season....could be a cause for concern on those windy days at the Friendly Confines.    Averaged 224 innings/season.  1.98 BB/9 innings for career.

15. Geronimo Molina - Durham Bulls - COF asking $29.8/5 years, signed for $5.0/1 year, age 31, 7 ML seasons, Has won a Silver Slugger award, averages 18 HR and 33 SB's per season, which is just about what he did last season.  Did have a 33/27 season back in 28.  Career .781 OPS.

16. Valerio SantiagoBurlington Bookworms SP, asking $5.4/1 year, signed for $5.4/1 year, age 35, 13 ML seasons. 1 time All-Star, 141 career wins, 3.63 career ERA, 1.20 career whip, has averaged 189 innings/season.  Should continue to perform in pitcher-friendly Burlington.

17. Martin Brantley - Charlotte CharlatansRP, asking $8/2 years, signed for $9.4/ 2 years, age 33, 9 MLB years, averaged 34 saves over the last 4 seasons (144 for his career), Career 1.30 whip and a 4.05 ERA, but his last three seasons have been stellar and includes an All-Star berth.

18. Ajax Maybin - Monterrey Minutemen SS, asking for $16.2/3 years, signed for $16.2/3 years, age 32, 10 MLB seasons. The 3 time All-Star, 5 time Gold Glove winning SS, has averaged 23 plus plays/162 games in career,  Has a .982 career fielding %, and 5.36 career Range Factor.

19.  Cam Moustakas – Pittsburgh Appalachians  C, asking for $3.2/1 year, signed for $3.2/1 year, age 31, 8 MLB seasons. Durability issues will limit his impact, but clearly the top overall catcher on the market.   The 2 time  Gold Glove winner won a ring in season 31, and owns a career .801 OPS and a 39% career CS percentage.

20. Carlton MageeTampa Bay Don Cesars RP, asking for $5.2/1 yr, signed for $5.2/1 year, age 39, 16 ML seasons. The 1 time All-Star, and winner of 2 WS rings is slowing down, but still posted a 1.18 whip and 4.20 era over the past 2 seasons. 96 career relief wins

21. Gustavo Bonilla- Philadelphia Phoenix  C, asking $4.2/1 year, signed for $11.8/2 yearsage 31, 6 ML years .747 career OPS, 32% CS rate, Rare combination of excellent defense behind the plate with some pop in his bat.  Posted a solid  3.45 CERA last season, handling the superb Wichita staff.

22. Alfonso Bastardo - Pittsburgh Appalachians COF, asking for $9.6/ 2 years, signed for $9.6/2 years, age 32, 7 ML seasons, Career .823 OPS,  31 HR and career best 115 RBI in S32.

23. Marc Diaz - Hartford Hippopotamus Dance Party SS, asking for $26/4 years, signed for $26/4 years, age 29, 7 ML seasons, The three time All-Star has a World Series ring in his trophy case.  With an undisciplined approach at the plate, he has managed a .471 slugging percentage and has 111 career SB's, giving his team offensive value.  His real skills are on defense....978 career Fielding %, 5.26 Range Factor and 20 plus plays/162 games.

24. Sammy ElsterColorado Bigfoot  SP, asking $24/4 yrs signed for $35/5 years age 32,           8 MLB seasons.  Back to back 13 win seasons in S28 and 29, where he averaged 207 innings with a 1.17 whip and a 3.77 ERA. Trying to recapture those years after a series of setbacks...tough environment to try to make that happen.

25. Frank YosidaTampa Bay Don Cesars  RP, asking for $8/2 years, signed for $8/2 years, age 33, 6 seasons.  After a nondescript start to his career, back to back solid seasons, including last season's career high 93 innings in 83 games, with a 1.00 whip, 7 wins and a 3.47 era.   A season 32 All-Star.

26. Melvin Kydd - Tacoma TornadosC, asking $8.0/2 years, signed for $8.4/2 years, age 32, 8 MLB seasons. Career .790 OPS, reliable well-rounded offensive contributor for a backstop.

27. Theo Ducati - Iowa JohnsonsRP, asking for $4.2/1 year, signed for $4.2/ 1 year, age 36, 11 MLB years.  6 seasons with at least 70 appearances, 3 seasons with 100+ relief innings, coming off a career best 2.54 ERA in a career high 88 games with a 1.24 whip.

28. Ugueth Torres - Durham Bulls RP, asking $15.4/3, signed for $46/5 years, age 31, 6 ML years,
has put together back to back excellent seasons, including S31's gem 1.02 WHIP, with a 2.15 ERA in 104 IP.

29. Edgmer Elcano Los Angeles Colemans SP/RP, asking for $11.2/2 years, signed for $16.8/3 years, age 30, 6 MLB seasons, 1 time All-Star, career year season 31 with a 1.99 era, 1.09 whip and 20 saves in 77 innings. 4 seasons with 15 or more saves.

30. Ray Griffith - Anaheim Arte Morenos1B asking $8.4/2 years, signed for $10.0/3 years, age 27, 6 seasons Has a .820 career OPS in sporadic playing time.  Has produced when given the opportunity, including season 29's 27 HR and 96 RBI.

Other Notable Signings: Vicente Gutierrez – Albuquerque – we thought he was done after season 32's disaster, but had a very nice bounce-back last season. Jesus Trinidad Arizona – some untapped potential here; could this be the breakout season? Enos Phillips, Tony Jorgenson, Virgil Campos, Matty Hill and Alex LiangBurlington – the 'Worms sign some nice arms to go with their new spacious ballpark. The over/under on old man Liang's innings this season is 23 1/3 (I'm going under.) Reagan AndersonChicago – a WHIP of around 1.00 over the past two seasons combined. Jaime DongMonterrey – four career Gold Gloves at two different positions (2 at SS).Danys DotelSan Antonio – Excellent defensive SS who won't embarrass himself at the dish.  Macbeth SosaScranton - should be a solid reliever with his skill set, but has put together only one good season in his 8 year career. Jolbert GalvezScranton – 117 career wins and an All-Star appearance for the vet of 11 seasons. Pat DoughertyKansas City – the 2 time MVP, 6 time All-Star, and owner of a .947 career OPS technically doesn't qualify for the list since he never hit the open market, but I'd be loathe to not mention his name. Bernie Hughes - Fargo - Has a couple 100 RBI seasons under his belt, but is coming off a horrific season in which he hit .218.  Jose Zurbaran - Chicago - figured he'd go to an AL team so he could DH, but he'll be a solid LH bat off the bench.  Hit .340 last season. Dennis Hammel - Trenton - Former ROY and 2x Silver Slugger on decline, but can be a nice role player Hong-Chih Nakamura - Wichita -Has nasty stuff and four double digit win seasons in his career, but is coming off a 19 loss campaign.  Bryan Joseph - Charlotte - a 36 year old late bloomer; his last four years have been the best of his career. 

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